Machete Magazine is hosted by Marginal Utility Gallery.

Machete Interview Series
Machete Interviews Jacques Rancière
Machete Interviews Norman Finkelstein
Machete Interviews Cornel West
Machete Interviews Nathalie Heinich

Occupy Philly: Machete
Vol. 1 No. 1 (October 2011)
JOHN SCHULTZ, “Introduction to Occupy Philly: Machete“/ GABRIEL ROCKHILL, “Rethinking Revolution: The Time of Change”/ ÇETIN GüRER, “Interview with Charles Holmes, Resident of Occupy Wall Street at Liberty Plaza, October 13th, 2011″/ AMRIT HEER, “What Do We Mean by ‘Direct’ Democracy?”/ AVI ALPERT, “Thoreau and Revolution”/ “Self interview No.1” (Excerpt).

Vol. 1 No. 2 (November 2011)
AVI ALPERT, NANCY FRASER, GABRIEL ROCKHILL and ANNIKA THIEM, “Capitalism and the State: Machete Confrontation at Occupy Philadelphia”/ SV, “You Can’t Go Home Again, and Other Messages from the Ideology Machine”/ CR, “Beneath the Beach, the Sidewalk?”/ “Autumn practices; Vacate X; But if these are the means, then to what purpose?”/ ÇETIN GüRER, “On Angela Davis’s Visit to Occupy Philly: Call for Diversity within Philly and Solidarity with Oakland”/ RT, “Political Disobedience”/ WILL CAVERLY, “Concrete Idealism: Philadelphia’s Agora.”

Vol. 1 No. 3 (December 2011)

SID ROTHSTEIN, Occupy Philly: Machete Issue 3/ JOHN SCHULTZ, Eviction and Occupation/ Occupy Everything: interview with BEN WEBSTER/ AARON KREIDER, Debunking the Rumors of an Occupy Philly Power Elite/ HOMAY KING, Antiphon: Notes on the People’s Microphone/ MATT, To the “They Have No Message and/or They Haven’t Accomplished Anything” Crowd of Naysayers:/ LORI D. GINZBERG, Social Movements/ EDWARD SCHEXNAYDER, art project

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