Intersections: Race, Class, Gender and the Occupy Movement

Machete Group Members Avi Alpert and Gabriel Rockhill in dialogue with Annika Thiem and Homay King


Due to a conflicting event, this discussion has been postponed to Monday, November 14th at 5:30 pm.

Continuing our Confrontations series in experimental Public Pedagogy in support of the Occupy Together Movement, the Machete Group proposes a collective symposium on “Intersections: Race, Class, Gender and the Occupy Movement.” Building on classic readings by Angela Davis and Cornel West, we will bring to the fore the question of who is the 99%. Through these readings and the discussion that develops, we aim to foster critical dialogue while at the same time foregrounding the point that paying attention to race, class and gender is not divisive, but rather can help strengthen the movement. We hope to engage with various voices trying to understand how our different social positions can come together to make a lasting and sustainable movement.

Although it is not a requirement for participation, the texts of reference are available for download below. A limited number of hardcopies will also be made available at the Occupy Philadelphia Library.


Angela Davis, “Class and Race in the Early Women’s Rights Campaign”
Cornel West, “The Pitfalls of Racial Reasoning”

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